Friday, 24 August 2012

The Enemy Fan Fic.

I was in a zombie mood.

Rachel hadn’t been scared when the sickness came; she’d had an eerie sense of knowing. Once her mother and father had begun to splutter about the place and disgusting boils began cropping up on their bodies, she killed them. She simply walked into the bedroom and stabbed them both with a knife from the kitchen. Her younger brother, Nathan, he was like her. He knew. They had watched the news until the news no longer aired. Looked at the internet until the internet had crashed. The two packed a bag each; a good set of clothes, a bottle of water, a few pieces of food and any weapons they could find plus the tools from the garage.
They were so similar and yet so unalike, he had beautiful, sea blue eyes and shimmering, curly, blond hair and she had shining, straight, chestnut  hair and pretty, hazel eyes.  They were complete opposites in that respect, but both were kitted out in black and had an array of weapons in their belts, they looked identical, a force to be reckoned with.  They had even painted war paint on their faces; this would have looked silly had it not been for the cold aura that rolled off them in waves.
The sickness spread like wild fire and soon kids ran from their houses in panic, unprepared and unguarded. Naturally, they either died or were saved by the two. Rachel and Nathan had almost killed every parent in their street and sent small teams of kids to raid their own homes. They were set, for a while at least. Rachel spoke quietly to Nathan “We need to move, out of the house and into the shop.” Nathan nodded in agreement and that afternoon the rounded up the six surviving kids and walked them across the road to the shop.
The shop was long, well stocked and there were two flats directly above. Rachel sent Nathan and two of the eldest boys up to check them out, while she handled the four smaller children. “Stay behind me.” She flung open the shop door and was surprised to hear no noise. She checked every corner when nothing was found she realised they must be upstairs.  She settled the kids and ran up to the flats. She saw the door busted off its hinges and walked in “Nate.” She called her heart beating fast and pulling a knife into her hand. No answer came.
She found the door, she could hear muffled sobs from behind, and she opened the door gently. Nathan was on the floor and the other two boys had their hands up and were stood against the wall. Quickly her gaze flew to the boy who held a small gun pointed at the two boys. “He’s got his parents in there.” He nodded to a door that the boy stood in front of. The boy raised his chin slightly and Rachel stepped forward. “Stop moving.” He said but his voice quavered, this boy was no killer, she could see it in his eyes. She stepped so the brim of the gun was just above her stomach “Do it.” She said through gritted teeth.
The boy faltered and dropped the gun, tears filled his eyes and he began to cry “Matthew.” Rachel said softly, one of her boys came over to console the smaller and take him out of the room.  “Nate, Nate wake up!” she snapped at her brother who roused immediately. He stood up shakily and shook his head “You ready.” He nodded. Rachel undid the deadbolt on the door and the stench was overpowering.  One parent charged out the door and Rachel’s knife flew straight into its forehead, it paused a second and stared up at its head before finally collapsing on the ground.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

New Start

I deleted everything. It's all gone. I fancy writing some fan-fiction so that's what's gonna be here from now on. If you would like to read my original story feel free to email me.
Stay Fearless!