Thursday, 21 February 2013


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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

This could be the start of something. Spin off...

The boy with sandy coloured hair and dark red tinted eyes walked confidently along the marble floor of the hall. Tonight, there was going to be a ball with all the most important people of the Other present. Sworn, Witch and Vampire alike began to filter in to the grand room. The chandelier glittered in the centre creating a fairytale scene. Kawal's 'father',  Poliro, was hosting the event. Kawal was the only human he had ever bitten and the elder vampire had taken him under his charge due to his young age. The relationship between the 'parent' vampire and their 'child' varied so greatly it was impossible to generalise. Yet Kawal knew he had something special with his father.

His father clapped him on the back as he stood dutifully next to him. 'Kawal, I'd like you to meet the Vampire Lords of the Grand Covens. This is..." Kawal nodded, and shook hands with the vampire lords. He wasn't paying full attention to them, not that they cared. Tonight, it was all about power. The Vampire Lords would have to unify for this plan to work. When Kawal shook the hand of the final Lord, he felt his hand being crushed. He made eye contact with the most volatile of the Lords, Inakai, he did not care for The Law. 
"Are your Sworn showing up, Kawal?" his father asked, easily ending the tension. 
"They're around." Kawal said with a wry smile. "Some are already here." His eyes flicked to the corners of the grand hexagonal room. "They thought it best to abide by the dress code." Tuxedos and dresses, the room was vibrant with colour. His father chuckled. 

"Ah." His father said, his eyes locking on the double wide doors as the staff greeted Robin and Sparta. Her hair was down in soft red curls, a diamond studded head band on her head caught the light. A pale blue dress, almost identical to the colour of her eyes, covered her to the floor and tied behind the neck. Her arms were bear except for the thin bands that wrapped around her upper arms half way down. Each had flowing tails trailed to her knees. She was stunning. Arms linked, Sparta wore a standard tuxedo looking anything but standard. His tuxedo fit perfectly, defining his well muscled body. They looked like they did this every day. Perhaps, that's why they did look so good, because they never left their skin tight, black attire.

Robin floats over to where Kawal and the Lords are standing. "Good evening, gentlemen." she says flashing a smile. Three of the five are in love after those three words, Kawal's father included. 
"I'm sure you all know Robin Snowscar and Leo Sparta." Kawal announced, giving the men a chance to collect themselves and put their eyes back into their heads. A chorus of greetings sounded and Robin smiled politely whilst Sparta moved to the other Sworn scattered around the room. 

Kawal motioned to join him when his path was intersected by a girl. One of the Lord's daughters. 
"You're Kawal, right?" she asked twirling her dark hair around her finger. 
"Yes." He said, attempting to move round her.
"Dance with me." Kawal wasn't sure whether it was a request or an order. She swished her hair and offered her hand. 
"Maybe later." He said. Stepping past her, she watched as her mouth fell open. A sly grin tugged at his lips. When he looked up, he saw Skye who looked gorgeous dressed in a short purple dress. She stood next to another girl who was only slightly taller than her. Her hair fell in coppery ringlets to her shoulders, her dress was white and intricately laced. A delicate mask framed her startling sea blue eyes. Wow. The Sworn were going all out. 

"Skye." Kawal said, walking over to her. 
"Hey Kawal. Chloe this is Kawal, Kawal Chloe. I hate introductions." she muttered and shifted a little. Kawal grinned at Chloe who blushed a little to his delight.
"Chloe, would you like to dance?" Kawal asked holding out his hand.
“Um.” she looked at Skye who wiggled her eyebrows and nudged her forward. “Sure.” She grabbed his hand and the two went to the centre of the hall. 

He slid into the rhythm easily. Kawal knew how to dance, confidently he spun the girl around. She danced with a grace and poise that was distinctive, even among the many trained dancers in the room. It was true that dancing was a popular past time of the vampires, but even so, all eyes were on Kawal and Chloe. Her white dress glittered as it caught the light and the final note rang. 

Sunday, 10 February 2013

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