Sunday, 10 February 2013


I'm staying as Robin. Scarlett's great. But I still get too angry too quickly to be there yet.

Multiple personality disorder *nods* I have it. They don't call it that anymore but oh well. That's what it is. Robin's like the bad side. Scarlett's like the nice side. And sometimes, it's just good being bad.


  1. Multiple Personality Disorder is now called Schizophrenia. Usually.

    Sometimes, in milder cases, it's borderline personality disorder. Which is a li'l bit like bipolar and schizophrenia but not so bad. :)

    But Robin does suit you! C:

    1. Dissociative Identity Disorder is more what I was going for. Schizophrenia is different as is BPD.

      Thanks, I think it does, now I do.

  2. We love you no matter what you choose to be called. We think you are wonderful! *hugs tight* :D